About Us

Established in 2019, Iron Throne Strength & Conditioning was made to fill the void of strength based open gyms in the Metro Vancouver area.
We focus on what works to get your strong. No fancy machines, just plain old fashion weights.
2024 is when we decided to switch gears and go from an access only facility to guided fitness. We felt that we could do a lot more for the sport of Powerlifting by sharing the benefits of it with a larger demographic.
Our community is everything to us and we look forward to having you join us!


Jordan Lau


Jordan had no idea what to do with his life so for some crazy reason he opened a strength gym. He has been in the gym since 13 years old, competed twice in Powerlifting and has a tiny bit of experience in Weightlifting and Strongman. He along with Katie and his Father put together the majority of the gym including drywall, painting, electrical, storage, bathrooms and equipment. Every single mat you step on was laid down by just him! You can find him laying on the floor during team degenerate hours (after 10pm) between squat sets. Like the rest of the gym, this website was made with zero experience so if you spot any thing that needs fixing let us know! Also 99% of e-mails and IG messages are responded to by him.

Katie Zaro

Lady of the Throne

Katie is the one who keeps the place all together and to keep Jordan some what in line. She is usually in during degenerate hours with Jordan and helps keep the gym neat and tidy. She also feeds the feral cats outside and really wants to take one home.


Vince Diguangco

Ace Certified Personal Trainer. Gym Dog Owner.

Vince joined the fitness industry in 2012 and has done both group and personal training in many gyms such as OrangeTheory. His current competition best lifts are a 435lbs Squat, 270lbs Bench and 540lbs Deadlift. Recently he has ventured out on his own and now trains clients exclusively at Iron Throne. Vince has taken many newbies and beginners and brought them to levels they could not have ever imagined!

Maddie Warren

International Level Powerlifter. Queen of Hairdos.

Maddie has represented Canada at the 2022 IPF World Powerlifting Championships as a 63kg junior. She has extremely good knowledge on training and nutrition and knows how to apply it since she was once 200lbs and weak to now one of the most jacked and strong ladies in the gym. Not only that, she also has had plenty of success with her clients getting stronger and losing fat. Maddie does both in person and online training and is extremely laid back and easy to get along with.


7823 132 St #4
Surrey, BC Canada V3W 4M8

Email: info (at) ironthrone.ca